12 stadiums, 32 national soccer teams, 736 football players, over 200 ball boys, 4 million spectators and billions of people following the sport on TV and Internet. This is FIFA’s World Cup! Athletes from different parts of the world compete to win the game’s most desired trophy. Yet, only one team will emerge the winner! Only one country will take home the Cup!

In 2014, FIFA’s World Cup will be held in Brazil. It will be a unique event to gather people from many nations in one place, all united by their passion for soccer. It presents great opportunity for believers to organize events and activities that serve the local community, which may open doors for communicating the gospel message.


The Perfect Game Plan is an RBC Ministries’ initiative that seeks to take the love of God to all—connecting people from all nations through the shared experience of the World Cup and using sports as a channel to encourage social exchange that can pass along the gospel and Christian values to the whole world.

While “the perfect game plan” is an expression generally used in the world of sports to describe fantastic strategic moves that change the course of the match or competition, for us, it includes using various approaches to bring the life-changing wisdom of the Bible to the world.


RBC Ministries is an international, nondenominational organization founded in 1938. Since its beginning, we’ve been share the Word of God and lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ. We encourage people to read the Bible and reflect on its text with our devotional booklets, leaflets, videos, etc.

RBC Ministries is known worldwide by its devotional Our Daily Bread, which is translated into 56 languages and distributed in 156 countries. In addition to the regular edition of Our Daily Bread, RBC Ministries also publish special editions for children, youth and women. We also have evangelistic leaflets, Bible study guides and a variety of resources for bookstores.



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inspireSoccer is one of the most played sports in the world and it inspires passion in millions of people and fans from all over the world. Many athletes have left behind brilliant legacies and memorable achievements. Take for example players like Kaká, Lúcio, Zé Roberto and Sylvinho. They have built a remarkable career that continues to inspire new generation of athletes today. We want to share these inspiring stories through:



Written by specialists on sports. Even if you are not an athlete, you can pick up some important tips to get start on an active and healthy lifestyle. The Perfect Game Plan wants to help you get involved in sports. Follow us!



With professional athletes and former athletes who have overcome great odds to succeed in sports and life. Find some athletes’ inspiring stories here.

connectThe passion for soccer runs in the blood of many people. In many places, friends get together to watch their favorite team pit against the opponent team. And thousands of people will gather in stadiums and funfests to celebrate the game with reverberating energy. Sports have the power to unite people. The FIFA’s World Cup and the Olympic Games are great examples of events where people from many places, cultures and languages connect through sport. For that reason, we are using sports as a channel to encourage social exchange that can pass along the gospel and Christian values to the whole world. We seek to achieve these aims through the following platforms:

jaime fernandez garrido

Daily Meditations

Jaime Fernández Garrido is a sports counselor and he writes devotionals especially for you—a sports enthusiast. Besides being a remarkable Spanish writer, Jaime is known for his job as the official sports chaplain in four Olympic Games (Seoul–1988, Barcelona–1992, Atlanta–1996 and Sydney–2000). Even after the events, he maintains a good relationship with several high performance athletes, providing them support and counseling.


Perfect Game Radio (Portuguese only)

In Brazil, the first radio transmission of a soccer game was in 1931. It was called The Perfect Match! And radio was the main broadcasting channel for listening in to soccer matches for many decades. It helps to popularize the sport and soccer became a Brazilian passion.

Along with Jaime’s daily meditations, we have in Portuguese light-hearted radio programs infused with dynamic and witty commentaries. The program is daily broadcasted by Clarice Fogaça and Marco Zoel on the radio show The Perfect Game Plan.

equipOn important matches days, soccer fans gather to make a lot of noise, cheering for their team. Each culture has its own cheering style and its necessary accessories such as T-shirts, flags, trumpets, banners and much more. The Perfect Game Plan wants to equip partners with essential tools that will help them make a difference in the way they reach people.


Books (Spanish and Portuguese)

Read Jaime Fernández Garrido’s inspiring meditations in The Perfect Game Plan, which comes in two volumes: Finish Line and Dynamic of Life. Jaime Fernández Garrido has walked with several high performance athletes in four Olympic Games. He has lots of stories and life experiences to share.

The meditations draw spiritual lessons from remarkable moments of sports, challenging situations, and unique experiences faced by athletes. Each article challenges the reader to think about his own life and how God can get involved in it. Read some athletes’ comments about the books:

“Soccer is my ministry, my way of talking about the Word of God. The Perfect Game Plan will help you learn more about the Lord Jesus.” Kaká
“Psalm 37:5 speaks of commitment and surrender. By reading this book, people can see how God works in many situations.” Lúcio
“The Perfect Game Plan is a complete devotional book that helps you walk everyday with Jesus in God’s ways.” Sylvinho


Leaflets and Booklets

Recognizing that the World Cup resonates with many people today because it mirrors their own struggle for significance and success, The Perfect Game Plan outreach leaflet uses soccer-related illustrations to share the gospel truth in a tactful way. It’s composed of devotional articles organized into a 7-day reading format, concluding with a challenge to consider Jesus as Savior and Lord.

It is an ideal resource for sharing the good news with your friends and family as the soccer fever reigns during this FIFA World Cup season. A full 30-day devotional is available upon request in some countries.



Brazil: Praise and Joy

Brazil is known worldwide as a happy nation, with vibrant rhythms, soccer and natural beauty. With FIFA’s 2014 World Cup, the whole world will gather in Brazil, this is a unique opportunity to reach people from all over with the Brazilian joy.

With that in mind, RBC Ministries produced a music CD entitled Brazil: Praise and Joy, which features Christian traditional songs sung in Portuguese, with joyful Brazilian rhythms, such as bossa-nova, samba and baião. It’ll warm your heart and get you swinging to the tunes!


Mobile Application

All the resources of The Perfect Game Plan are available for reading on your cell phone and tablet, in both Android and iOS products. You can follow the news wherever you are!


serveWho never dreamed of becoming a soccer player? Well, for thousands of kids in Brazil, we can safely say that this is their cherished dream. However, many of them can not afford or lack the opportunities to learn soccer in clinics. As such, sports can be a powerful means for social inclusion. 

In the many social projects in Brazil, we have seen thousands of kids and youth who once lead purposeless life turn around to lead meaningful life through their participation in sports. They have grown personally with the sport. We want to share examples of such initiatives that make a difference in society on this website.
Follow us to discover opportunities to serve as a volunteer in social sports projects throughout Brazil. And if you do not reside in Brazil, perhaps, you will find some good ideas to implement in your own country.


When a great prize is at stake, it is important to have good teamwork and partnership among the players. In the same way, many partners join The Perfect Game Plan project to help us achieve our aim: connecting people of all nations through the shared experience of the World Cup. Using sports as a channel to encourage social exchange that can pass along the gospel and Christian values to the whole world.